Strategy Session -I: "Focus India"

India Inc. offers immense opportunities for private enterprise globally in transforming Agri food business. There are opportunities both for supplying inputs and for processing and marketing the agricultural produce. It is undoubtedly, becoming the outsourcing hub for global food processing Industry. The global leaders perception bears testimony to this as they speak on:

  • Land of Opportunities
  • Back to Basics - The Organic Way
  • Promoting Indian Food Processing: Initiatives and Incentives
  • Outsourcing Hub- Gateway to the east

Strategy Session -II -"The Quality and Safety Paradigm"

Changing food preferences and increasingly demanding standards of food safety & quality has increased dramatically in the last five years. Internationally accepted, science-based food standards are critical to ensure consumer safety. A farm-to-consumer approach is the key to control contamination, at every link in the food chain.

Listen to the Quality leaders; as they take you through latest trends in Food Safety, make you understand global trends, and customize them to Indian realities.

  • Multiplicity of International Standards
  • Latest trends in Food Safety-New Challenges
  • New frontiers in Trade based Industry Standards
  • Challenges in Managing Food Safety Policy-Global Context
  • Challenges in Regulating Food Industry in India

Strategy Session III -Leveraging the "Food Retail " Opportunity

While the industry is currently in a fledgling state, the retail rush in India has fascinated the racehorses of global retail, wanting to be out of the stable.

As the global retailers, unfold the global retail scene and simulate the future of Indian retail business, it is time to ponder on:

  • Modern Food Retail in India
  • Impact of Organized Retail on Food Processing
  • The Chosen One: Private Label Opportunity
  • Strategies for Emerging Retail Markets
  • Leveraging Supply Chain for Competitive Retailing

State Partner Presentations

Investing in States Food Processing Industry

Having realized the opportunities and possibilities of this industry for India, to grow and become a major global player, it will be the most fitting occasion for State Governments to pitch in and project the investment opportunities offered in the food-processing sector for potential Investors.

CEO Conclave

Whilst the processed food industry has been considered as the sunrise sector since decades, hoping to contribute significantly to the global food-processing sector. However the indicative figures on value addition and processing are not really impressive. With the idea of getting global perceptive the world leaders from the food processing industry will be debating on -"Strategies for Sustainable Growth during an exclusive CEO Conclave" being organized on the sidelines of this global convention.

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